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The Club Youth Exchange Officer (YEO, or Club Counselor) for Inbound and Outbound Students serves as the primary Rotary liaison between the student and the sponsoring Rotary club, Host family, and community at large. He or she has responsibility for the ongoing ‘maintenance’ of the students’ exchange year. Members of the District Committee handle the logistics dealing with administrative part of the program such as training, insurance, immigration issues and processing of applications. This group also handles some out of town activities for all Students in the District. The YEO should be genuinely interested in the welfare of the student and the success of the exchange, and should serve as the primary person in Rotary the student can turn to for help and advice. Both the YEO and student should work from the beginning to establish frank and open lines of communication to promote the student's safety and well-being. YEO’s should work to gain students' trust and respect so they can be in the best position to assist and advise when necessary. The activities are a few hours a month, but through this program you will be able to see and be an integral part of Rotary’s mission of international peace and understanding. It is the responsibility of the District Committee to properly train YEO's on RI’s Youth Protection Policies so they can respond to problems or concerns that may arise during the exchange, including allegations of physical or sexual abuse or harassment. This training is mandatory for both the YEO’s and Host Parents and will be completed before the students arrive. All questions on this should be brought immediately to the District Chair, or the District Youth Protection Officer. YEO’s are expected to carry out the following responsibilities:   When an Inbound student is assigned, work with the Club and the high school to get the Guarantee Form signed, and make sure that a Counselor is identified for the next year.   Work within the Host Rotary Club, high school or other civic organizations to identify and qualify two Host Families for the Inbound student. Both families should be in the same school district.   Coordinate with the District Committee to complete the Host Family home visit and background check. Use this meeting to establish a working relationship with the Host Family, and identify yourself as a Rotary resource for them and their new student.  During the first weeks of the Inbound students arrival, work to establish a good relationship and open the lines of communication with the student and Host Family.   Work with the Host Family to get the student enrolled in school; perhaps accompany the student to school and work with counseling staff, teachers and the school to ensure a positive transition for the student into the community and activities. A smooth process here insures that the Student gets on the right track and that NEXT year, the Host Family and school will be open to Hosting future Rotary Exchange Students.  The Club is responsible to provide a monthly stipend of $100/month for the 10 months the student is here. Establish method for payment.   Maintain at least monthly contact with the student throughout the exchange. The District Inbound Coordinator will be asking you to sign a tracking list for this.   Remind the Student of important dates, such as Host family birthdays, Club activities, visits, etc.   Remind the Club of the student's arrival and departure dates, birthday and planned Club visits. Bring the student to regular meetings, and enlist other Club members to share in taking the student to local sports, arts or civic events.   Get the student involved in the clubs community and volunteer activities. Help them to see how YOUR Club makes a difference in your community and let them be part of it.   Throughout the year, try to identify potential Long Term and Short Term Outbound Students for the following year, help with the interviews and identify families who would be interested in Hosting.

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